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The XM Digital Marketing Ecosystem TM

Internet technologies are constantly evolving and  connecting businesses with their audience better than ever before. Whether it be social media, email marketing, search engine optimization, reputation management or paid media, etc. But there is one factor that always gets overlooked and that is your website.

Your website is your marketing hub and most people who want to do business with you look at your website first. Every single tractable metric is influenced by your website's performance and if it is not optimized for conversions you can consider it to be money down the drain.

Our XM Digital Marketing Ecosystem TM creates a holistic and integrated user experience for our customers in one centralized login. We integrate all methods of marketing that works together for a common cause and it all starts with your website.



Content Management For Your Business

A customized, powerful & open-source content  management system that provides our clients with the ability to make website updates with skills they already have.

Preloaded with over $800 worth of premium features on-the house, uploading videos, managing content, complex layouts, building forms, making photo galleries and much more is easier than ever before.

No technical experience is required! Content is created/modified through your web browser that allows for perfect visual placement and layout of site content in real time.


WordPress CMS
reputation mangement tool

Reputation Management

Get More Customer Online Reviews

Your business now has a simple yet powerful platform to gather customer feedback, measure your Net Promoter Score and encourage online reviews. The XM Digital Review Platform starts with just your customer’s email address or mobile number and the system automatically does the rest for you.

We provide the platform and the process to start engaging and listening to your customers. The platform sends a customized email or SMS text message to begin the feedback process after you enter your customer’s email address or mobile number. Simple, fast and easy.

The customer is asked to rate how likely they are to refer your business to a friend and to comment on their experience. This rating process helps form your Net Promoter Score, a key indicator and data point to your business and customer relationship.

Mobilem Friendly, Negative Alerts, SMS/Text, Net Promoter Score, Testimonial Widget, Review Monitoring/Management, NPS Reporting & much more!

Hosting Technology & Maintenance

Designed to Help Your Business Win Online

Using Proven Technologies, we monitor your site and make changes to improve your site performance & usability. We insure that new innovative features are implemented and keep the online engines running fast & smooth.

With XM Digital, you get experts to manage your site and get all your updates done in a timely manner. More importantly, with our unique services, we take care of your all your online needs so you can focus on running your business. You won't have to lift a finger with XM Digital as your online partner, we've got you covered!

We handle all the technical stuff from CDN, SSL, Backups, Upgrades, Security, Maintenance, Audits, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Google Search Console, and other 3rd Party Integrations, etc. Our Hosting Technology Stack is much more than just basic web hosting, it’s about protecting & fortifying your integrity & reputation online.

hosting technology stack

Custom Analytics & Monitoring

Reports & Monitoring Made Easy!

We have taken the hassle out of keeping track of important metrics across various channels and embedded them directly into WordPress.

Long gone are the days of spending countless hours every week building custom reports. We highlight all of the important key performance indicators right at your fingers in easy to understand reports that are up to date.

From real-time Analytics & Monitoring to tracking Paid Media, Local SEO, Google My Business, Citations, Keyword Ranking, Search Audits, Online Reviews, to even Sales & Leads Conversion and Uploading Sales Data, you can see everything 24/7 right at your fingertips!

This is designed to easily digest and get the most out of your marketing campaigns in an easy to understand no-nonsense reports.

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Our Mission: To help corporate America bring their digital presence to life. Through lightning speed hosting, jaw-dropping web designs, and effective digital marketing services, we deliver strategic solutions that empower business owners to seamlessly reach & interact with their customers.

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