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Why Is Website Maintenance Important?

Regularly Maintaining Your Site Will Improve Performance and Provide a Safe and Secure Environment for Your Business & Customers

Website maintenance should be both customer and business focused. Websites should be kept relevant and secure by performing routine checks/audits to:

  • make sure contact forms work
  • assure content is relevant/refreshed
  • check security & software updates
  • inspect the integrity of your scheduled back-ups
  • take advantage of new features
  • perform audits on Google Analytics, Tag Manager, & Web Console etc
  • check the health of any 3rd party integrations
  • And most importantly, to protect your online investment

At XM Digital, we think of website maintenance much more than a few basic changes here and there, it’s about protecting the hard work and effort that has went into your investment. It’s about customer care and fortifying your business integrity & reputation online.

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