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We Help You Create Emails Your Customers Want to Read

When email marketing is implemented properly it can create a high return on investment. One of the biggest problems we see is email being sent to the junk folder and the failure to avoid spam filters to ensure proper deliverability. Many factors play into successful email deliverability besides growing a quality list, creating amazing email copy and designing a beautiful email with an eye-catching subject line.

At XM Digital, we look into the technical aspects to avoid the spam filters and make sure you have a successful deliverability rate. By not violating the CAN-SPAM Act, using a clean IP address, proper DNS configuration, creating high engagement rates, keeping email lists clean, using an accurate from addresses, including a physical address, using an unsubscribe link and avoiding spam trigger words are key components to avoid filters.

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Copywriting & Design

When it comes to getting your email marketing done right, the words you use in your content should give a clear and concise impression. Content is still and always will be king, as the old adage goes, and it is truer than ever before for a successful email campaign.

Customized Strategy

It's more complicated than just sending an email blast. At XM Digital, we help you define a strategy that will grow your list, increase engagement, increase brand awareness, remind users of your business, and keep them coming back for more.

Quality Control

You spend a lot of time planning and creating a well thought out email, and the last thing anyone wants is to have your email end up in the junk folder or displayed incorrectly. We take the time to make sure all grammatical and technical aspects are covered.

Custom Landing Pages

When you run an email campaign, you need your subscribers to take action. You can pair your email campaigns with a landing page. A landing page's sole purpose is to move your potential customers down the sales funnel to increase conversion rates.

Events Calendar

With an email marketing events calendar on hand, it will keep things running smooth and ahead of the game. From the proper distribution of responsibilities and resources, approval of topics in a timely manner, preparing for future events and much more.

Automation & Personalization

Trigger an automated series, leverage your data, create a targeted email, personalizing your message and be effective at capturing attention. Setting up automated rules gives your readers what they want, shows your authority and increases ROI.

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With XM Digital, Inc. You Get:

Experts: We are skilled veterans and our founder comes with 22+ years of hands-on experience in all aspects of digital marketing from concept to completion.

Affordable & Flexible: We fight to earn your business and we deliver the speed, precision, transparency, excellence & customization you deserve.

Harassment-FREE Zone: We might rip your arm off and beat you over the head with it to help educate you with proven online marketing tactics, but we will never pressure you or harass you into working with us. That decision is 100% up to you.

With Other Agencies You Get:

Generalists: A lot of agencies offer a very rudimentary step-by-step process. They can not operate outside the box and employ low skilled/oversea workers.

Hi-Price & Long Term: It’s expensive and once you get past that honeymoon period in a retainer relationship, stagnancy and pro-activity can come into question.

High-Pressure Sales: Psychological pressure is applied to its customers by appealing to fear, greed, emotion, and pride to sell. The cut-throat sales nature is reprehensible and they can't take no for an answer.

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