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Web Programming

Frontend to backend web applications, user portals, custom e-commerce solutions, database development to API integrations. Whether you need an entire custom website developed or if you need a custom integration into your current website, we can help.

Custom API Development

The greatest of all web-based applications usually require API connectivity. We can create a complete custom API solution for your business with all the supporting documentation requirements or integrate an existing API solution to work with your systems.

Ecommerce Development

Off-the-shelf solutions are never complete solutions for businesses with large demands and special requirements, it is never a one-size-fits-all solution. Sure you do not want to re-create the wheel and that is where custom integration comes into play.

Opensource Development

Opensource is a beautiful thing and powers the majority of the web. We can take things a step further and build your proprietary plugins/extensions tailored to your needs and expectations. Let us help you scale your system and support your digital needs.

Shopify Development

As a Shopify Partner, we can create a complex and effective development solution, including one-of-a-kind custom web designs, custom theme coding & custom app development. We can also integrate your site with a 3rd party and/or ERP system.

Front-End Development

Are you tired of off-the-shelf design templates? We can take your custom design or create one from scratch to develop a custom solution using the latest and greatest validated HTML, CSS & javaScript. Let us build your next responsive web project!

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With XM Digital, Inc. You Get:

Experts: We are skilled veterans and our founder comes with 22+ years of hands-on experience in all aspects of digital marketing from concept to completion.

Affordable & Flexible: We fight to earn your business and we deliver the speed, precision, transparency, excellence & customization you deserve.

Harassment-FREE Zone: We might rip your arm off and beat you over the head with it to help educate you with proven online marketing tactics, but we will never pressure you or harass you into working with us. That decision is 100% up to you.

With Other Agencies You Get:

Generalists: A lot of agencies offer a very rudimentary step-by-step process. They can not operate outside the box and employ low skilled/oversea workers.

Hi-Price & Long Term: It’s expensive and once you get past that honeymoon period in a retainer relationship, stagnancy and pro-activity can come into question.

High-Pressure Sales: Psychological pressure is applied to its customers by appealing to fear, greed, emotion, and pride to sell. The cut-throat sales nature is reprehensible and they can't take no for an answer.

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